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Valleys and Mountains

Confession, I’m a sucker for online forums.  Periodically in my life I have found myself completely hooked on one or another.  When I got pregnant for the first time (as in the very first time), I immediately signed up on … Continue reading

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Praying for Miracles – New Blog

In light of the new direction God is leading us, I’ve decided to split my blog into two.  I will keep this blog for its intended purpose (updates and thoughts on infertility/miscarriange and how it affects our faith), but it … Continue reading

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There is so much I want to share this evening. On the other hand, I am beyond exhausted and organized thoughts are few and far between right now. So, I will try to land somewhere in between – which will … Continue reading

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Encouragement From Here and Above

I am coming to realize that perhaps the biggest mistake I made in my infertility/miscarriage journey was not seeking out a support community.  My version of support was reading the Stepping Stones newsletter (an infertility/loss newsletter put out by Bethany … Continue reading

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Praying in Faith?

First things first – for those who wish to pray for our little miracle baby by name, we have decided to call her Alayna Ann.  It is an Irish name (we’re banking on her fighting Irish strong will) that means … Continue reading

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History Becomes Training

I have often said that pregnancy is the easy part of our journey, that getting pregnant and staying pregnant for the first two months is the hard part. After we got pregnant this time my husband has been pretty adamant … Continue reading

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Light and Momentary Troubles

I realize that it has been quite some time since I have updated my blog. To be honest, I have not had the heart to lament over my infertility and miscarriage struggles nor have I had any great breakthroughs in … Continue reading

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