100 Things About Me

  1. I love God, even when my thoughts and feelings may indicate otherwise
  2. I have 5 children, two in Heaven and three on earth. 
  3. I am a numbers nerd, financial analyst to be exact…I love Excel
  4. I love to sing and people often say that I’m good at it
  5. I have been singing in church since I could speak…I used to lead music at our previous church.
  6. I love to read…I mean really LOVE to read.
  7. Before I left home, I had read every single book in our house that I was allowed to read.
  8. I got married when I was 19 and firmly believe it is easier to put two people together who haven’t learned how to do life on their own yet than it is to put two independent people together
  9. I adore my husband. He is amazing.
  10. I have very often relied on my husband’s relationship with God and his leadership in our family. I know that if I am close to my husband and he is close to God, then God can’t be too far away from me. Said another way, I can’t get too far off God’s plan for my life as long as I stick close to my husband.
  11. God gave us our firstborn miracle baby on Nov. 14th, 2009, she was born 9 months later on her due date (Aug. 8th, 2010)
  12. God gave us our second miracle baby on August 29th, 2011, she was born 9 months later (May 25th, 2012).  She is extremely healthy and vibrant, but does have a major congenital heart defect called CCTGA.  You can read more about her story on my other blog – www.prayingformiracles.wordpress.com.
  13. God gave us our surprise fee baby in February 2013, he was born October 25, 2013.
  14. I converted to Dark Chocolate Raisinettes a few years ago and am never going back to milk chocolate
  15. I have never read a Francine Rivers book that I didn’t like
  16. I am a sucker for children’s movies: Monsters, Cars, Tangled, I love them all
  17. I love sci-fi: Stargate is my favorite show, my husband and I own all 10 seasons.
  18. I love Psych because Shaun reminds me of my husband
  19. I love Monk because my husband says Monk reminds him of me
  20. I was a virgin until my wedding night
  21. I love helping my husband with his photography business. I secretly wish I had his artistic eye so that we could do the business together full time.
  22. I miss helping my husband with the youth group
  23. I hate buying pads, I often make my husband do it so I don’t have to
  24. I had a crush on my husband when I was in 8th grade and he was a senior in high school
  25. I have an obsessive personality – I’m either out or all in, there is no in between for me
  26. I choose not to drink because of my before-mentioned addictive personality
  27. My primary love language is touch, which is very unique for a woman
  28. I don’t like fruit pies, fruit should not be heated under any circumstances
  29. I won an apple pie contest at our church once, and I didn’t even try my own pie
  30. I occasionally listen to Disney movie soundtracks, Psalty, and various VBS songs even when there are no children in my car
  31. My birthday is May 4th, and every year I turn 27…again
  32. Our family is complete barring an act of God
  33. I really wouldn’t mind more children and have even considered embryo adoption again. Hubby is not there yet. 🙂
  34. If I didn’t provide the primary income and insurance for the household, I would stay home in a heartbeat…and probably destroy my kids in the process.
  35. My husband was my first kiss, it was before we were married, but first kiss nonetheless
  36. I am very strong willed
  37. I talk really loudly and often don’t realize it until someone shushes me
  38. I hate long distance running
  39. I love to downhill ski and wish my husband was willing to go more often
  40. I love to golf and am getting better and better at it
  41. I used to play on a select soccer team from childhood through early adolescence.
  42. I was the captain of the high school JV soccer team my sophomore year
  43. I didn’t make the soccer team my junior year (new coach, I wasn’t popular and I don’t do tryouts well) – I was crushed
  44. The soccer coach that cut me saw me play on another team later that year and word got around through another teacher to me that he realized he made a big mistake
  45. If I could sleep in until 11 am every Saturday, I would
  46. I hate to clean – I don’t do laundry or dishes
  47. I would cook if I had time
  48. I am jealous of my husband who gets to stay home with our daughters every day
  49. Dave Ramsey is my hero
  50. Unless forced to go elsewhere, I buy all of my clothes at Maurices
  51. I love $4 coffees
  52. I stay up too late almost every night and regret it every morning
  53. I’m a packrat/hoarder saved only by my rational husband
  54. My current weight bothers me, but not enough to do something about it
  55. My husband used to find my glasses, keys, wallet and phone every morning…he doesn’t have time anymore since we had our daughters
  56. I blame the fertility drugs on my psychotic tendencies, but know a lot of it is just me, too
  57. I am never on time to anything
  58. I don’t think garage sale baby clothes should count towards the budget because if they did, I’d be in big trouble
  59. I would love to live in Colorado, but think I would miss the rest of my family too much
  60. I love talk radio
  61. Stupid people drive me crazy…but I’m sure I drive some other people crazy, so I figure it’s a wash
  62. I love camping, but mostly because it means I am away from my house and the responsibilities that come with it
  63. I can’t focus at work on Monday if I didn’t relax at some point over the weekend
  64. I can’t turn on all the relevant equipment in our theatre room without the fancy remote that asks me what I want to do (Watch TV, Play XBOX, etc) and then turns everything on for me
  65. I often hit my snooze button for over an hour in the morning
  66. I played the piano for quite a few years when I was growing up, even tried to pick it up again as an adult – I just hate practicing so I never got very good
  67. I took 2 years of French in college and still can’t speak it
  68. I am a really good planner
  69. I am a really terrible executer
  70. I have grown more introverted over the years
  71. I enjoy games of all sorts…card games, board games, dice games, strategy games, think fast games, I love them all
  72. When playing Rook, I will outbid everyone in the betting phase even if I don’t have the best hand because I can’t stand not seeing the cards in the nest and really can’t stand not being the leader of the game
  73. I love to dance, but am terrible at it – I want to take lessons until I’m good
  74. I can be cynical and suspicious by nature
  75. I’m likely to answer any direct question that I’m asked
  76. I am a spender when it comes to the small things, a saver when it comes to big things
  77. I let my husband, the saver when it comes to small things, buy his big toys so that I don’t feel bad about spending on all the small things
  78. I refuse to have a TV in our bedroom – I think there are better things to do if awake in the bedroom
  79. I have two sisters and one brother
  80. My parents are still together
  81. Barring adultery and abuse, I don’t believe there is any good reason for divorce
  82. I’m officially an Apple lover at home, but would never use one at work
  83. The most horrific thing in life for me would be to lose my husband
  84. I don’t like being home alone, I’m always terrified that someone will break in
  85. Even though I say change is good, I am a creature of habit and tend to really hate change
  86. You never have to worry about what I’m thinking because I always say it out loud…unfortunately
  87. I am an expert napper
  88. When my daughter cries in the middle of the night, I’d rather bring her in bed with us than let her cry…I love that she wants to sleep next to me
  89. I can’t help but sing when there is music playing…but there was a time during my valley that I couldn’t even listen to music and was scared I would never sing again
  90. I see the world primarily in black and white…there is very little grey in my life
  91. I am a God-fearing, literal Bible believing, conservative republican Christian
  92. I don’t understand Christians who say they don’t believe in the literal 7 day creation, think certain things in the Bible are untrue, or participate in or support things that the Bible clearly tells us is wrong
  93. I am terrified that my prior two truths will offend certain people whom I love very dearly – please don’t hate me
  94. I have never smoked, tried any type of illegal drug, nor gotten drunk. The closest thing to a ‘drink’ I’ve had was when a restaurant server accidentally gave me a real daiquiri. I took one sip and sent it back. Disgusting.
  95. I love bubble baths
  96. My eyes change color depending on what I’m wearing
  97. I want to wear contacts, but the thought of putting them in and taking them out terrifies me
  98. I love to be pampered – massages, pedicures, etc.
  99. I have never been good about setting aside time for devotions
  100. I wish I could consistently keep a devotional time

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