The Short Version

I am a numbers nerd (Financial Analyst to be exact) and my husband is a photographer.  We were married in 2000 at the young ages of 19 (me) and 23 (Tim), so we decided to wait to have children.

After a year of no luck on our own, we started seeing a fertility specialist in 2006.  In July 2008 we got our first positive pregnancy test, but we lost that baby at 8 weeks.  Our second positive test came in June 2009, but we lost that baby as well at 5 weeks.  In November 2009 we conceived our miracle baby girl, Jessica May, who was born on her due date – August 8th, 2010.  After two months with our fertility specialist in 2011, we conceived our second baby girl, Alayna Ann, who was born May 25th, 2012.  Then in early 2013 we found out that we were unexpectedly expecting another baby, the first concieved without any intervention (aside from Divine Intervention). Johnathan David was born October 25, 2013.


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