My Fertility Story

When I was married to my husband in 2000, we had never dreamed that we would struggle with infertility. At ages 19 and 23 we thought that the moment we missed one birth control pill, we would wind up pregnant. After 2 years we switched from the pill to condoms…I was so wishing for the ‘oops’ child. After another 3 years, we started getting more and more lazy with prevention, but we still didn’t have our ‘oops’ child and I started getting nervous. We stopped preventing altogether in 2006 and were shocked when we still did not find ourselves pregnant. So, we started seeing our fertility specialist in 2007. At this time we were still convinced that our first treatment would result in multiples.

My husband’s test results were our first indication that we might have difficulty. His count was great, but motility was low and his morphology was really low (2%). Of course he demanded a ‘recount’, but even the recount said 4%, so we went straight to IUI.

After a few months of no success, I had my HSG (hysterosalpingogram) test, which came back completely normal, and after more months of no success, I was switched from Chlomid to Follistim. Our first month on Follistim resulted in a pregnancy, but the baby never fully developed (blighted ovum). Not only had we lost the baby, but my body (which apparently does nothing naturally) would not miscarry naturally and I was forced to have a D&C about a month later.

Almost a year later we began treatments again. Our first treatment failed, and while the second one worked, we lost that baby shortly after conception. Since we had had two early losses, we were sent for Chromosone testing (which came back normal) and I was put on progesterone after each IUI. We had one more failed attempt and then our 5th round of IUI with Follistim resulted in our third pregnancy.

Jessica May Karel was born on her due date, August 8th, 2010…almost one month after our 10 year anniversary.

Everyone, except our doctor, told us to just wait – that once we had our first and my body ‘figured out how to do it’ then watch out because we’ll end up with child after child without trying. During Jessica’s first year we never prevented and never got pregnant. It was time to see our specialist again.

In July 2011, we began treatments again.  The first treatment didn’t work, but the second one did and Alayna Ann Karel was born on May 25, 2012.  We did find out at her 21 week ultrasound that she has a very ‘special’ heart, but she is doing amazingly well for such a rare heart condition.

We decided we would no longer be doing any fertility treatments because it was just too hard on my body/emotions to be on the fertility drugs, particularly the progesterone supplement that made me completely crazy.  But God had different plans and in February 2013 we found out that we were unexpectedly pregnant for the first time without fertility treatments.  I was put on the progesterone supplement again and Johnathan David Karel was born on October 25, 2013.

We believe that is the end of fertility story.  Our family is now complete (barring another act of God, of course). It has been a long road, but we are forever grateful for the journey.


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