Our Current Treatments

NONE! We are never again (barring unforseen circumstances, changes of heart, or God telling us we’re wrong) going through fertility treatments. Our family is complete.

If you want to know about our LAST treatment, it was this:

8/1/11 – first IUI since our first daughter was born
8/22/11 – Negative pregnancy test
8/29/11 – second IUI ‘this round’
9/11/11 – positive home pregnancy test
9/12/11 – blood test, HCG:51
9/14/11 – blood test, HCG:150
9/26/11 – 6 week ultrasound
1/12/12 – anatomy/gender scan revealed a ‘significant’ heart abnormality
1/17/12 – ECHO test – TGA diagnosis
1/20/12 – ECHO test- CCTGA diagnosis
5/25/12 – Beautiful Baby Girl Alayna


2 Responses to Our Current Treatments

  1. Cassie Allen says:

    HI there, I came across your blog after reading the blog post that you linked in your recent post. We too have been suffering with infertility for 2 years now and just did our 4th IUI this morning. I know that God is good and He is sovereign so we are trusting in His timing. It doesn’t remove the pain, however. I just wanted to wish you luck in your two week wait! Im a few days behind you!

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